It’s More than a Feeling

Mango Bay Resort has a problem. It’s a good one though… One of the most important concerns for almost every traveller is the answer to a very simple question, “What makes you unique?” So while our uniqueness has always been the core strength of Mango Bay Resort’s presence, our problem is that our uniqueness is so hard to put into words. It’s more about the nearly indescribable feelings one draws from so many parts of your day. How does one aptly describe the feelings of waking up to sonnets sung by the birds, from rays of sun penetrating through four-story high coconut trees over lush green lawns, or from walking in soft white sand with no footprints at dawn; or from delicious food provided from the most natural of means harvested at or around the resort; or from the genuine smiles from local staff and foreign guests that make you feel like instant family; or from the all the adventures; or from the restoration of one’s soul or the re-energising of one’s psyche?


Yes Mango Bay Resort is more than a feeling… and we hope you will have our same problem, a bounty of indescribable experiences to treasure for life.